Chamber Benefit Plan

The Chamber Benefit Plan is a multiple employer welfare arrangement (MEWA) that allows businesses to join together for more plan options and lower premium rates.

Powered by the Missouri Chamber Federation and administered by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield,
the Chamber Benefit Plan offers:  

›   Competitive, medically underwritten rates

›   Fixed, predictable monthly payments

›   A variety of plan designs, including 10 PPO and three HSA options

›   Additional savings for dental, vision, life and/or disability coverage

›   Money-saving SmartShopper program for members

If you have 2 to 50 employees, you are eligible to join the Chamber Benefit Plan. By joining, you can access a full range of high-quality health plan options that can lead to significant savings.

It is just one of the many benefits of being a member of the [LOCAL] Chamber of Commerce.

Find more information about the Chamber Benefit Plan or for help connecting with a certified broker here.